Because I like it when my hair is red.


Because I like it when my hair is red.

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Fuck you.

This bothers me so much. At the beginning of summer, when I unpacked my things, I brought 2 black plain pencil skirts with me. I thought to myself, I’m probably not gonna wear this while I’m here (because I’m probably not going anywhere fancy). So I stashed it away. Then there were a few times when I really wanted to wear it and it would’ve been perfect. Now, I’ve looked everywhere every time I wanted to wear it, and it’s no where to be found. It’s horrible that it’s so small. But are you serious? I was so mad and I still get mad every time. I want to find it.

You’re not the hooking up type? Yeah right. If that’s true, which I only believe half of that, why didn’t you tell me and why did you do anything with me? Fuck you then.

Buh bye.
Because I like it when my hair is red.

Because I like it when my hair is red.

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Please like this post. I can’t sleep and I’m hungry. For pussy. For dick. Just kidding. For food.

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instagram @emma.inkster 


instagram @emma.inkster 

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— (10 word story)

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